Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Visitor Cards Being Processed and Contacted!!

Hello everyone,
Things are still going along in the right direction. Not that I ever doubted it would, since God is the author of this effort.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day this past Sunday. Time with the family was a great treat for me.

I'm starting to figure out some of the software glitches, with the help of the support team. I've begun entering members from the churches that are involved in the CONNECTIONS MINISTRY. I have also received the first list of "New Moves" for the zip codes that I have selected. These are families that have moved into the zip code within the past 30 days. We will be contacting them by letter at first, inviting them to special "Welcome to the Neighborhood" events.

Tuesday night's training meeting at Lindale went well. The number of attendees was down, but that can be attributed to other commitments, family events, end of school, etc. They are also involved in the final planning stages for their upcoming event this Sunday, so many were in attendance to help prepare for that event.

I was able to start the phone visit process with 4 visitor cards that they had received on Sunday. I will be looking forward to hearing the results from those phone calls. Some of those who received cards to call are first timers. Pray for them as they begin to reach out to the community around them.

I also gave Pastor Meeks the list of New Moves in his zip code, 13 new families in all! They will be sending letters to invite them to upcoming events. The list of New Moves does not have phone numbers, so we will pursue them by mail at first. After the event this Sunday, we will also be following up on their visitor cards by phone, because of the numbers that are expected for the event.

Once we are past the event, then we will settle into our ongoing pattern of visitation to the visitors and the systematic distribution of Bibles.

I will be at Imperial Vally Assembly this coming Sunday morning. They have already begun a prayer focus for reaching the community and are seeing God move in some interesting ways. Since the beginning of the prayer effort, which is only about 2 weeks old, several families have come by to visit on Sunday morning, and they have received an offer of help for door to door Bible Distribution from several members of one of the local missions. God is on the move! Pray for them.

I will also be at Alvin First Assembly on Sunday evening for the second in the series of training meetings. They have also begun to see visitors, even before we have gone into the community. I believe this is an indication that once a church has made a focused commitment to reaching the lost, God will begin to open those opportunities. The "New Moves" list for the Alvin area has approx. 26 new families that we can begin contacting this week.

Pastor Jeff at Emerge Church has also had some success in finding an open door in his community. One of the apartment managers has given us permission to post information about the church in their lobby and also provide "Welcome to the Neighborhood" packets for their new residents! She has also given permission to begin some after school Bible Clubs and the Great Outdoors Club during the summer for the children. We will also begin to hold special "Welcome to the Neighborhood" events in his part of town with the 23 families on our list.

All of this is very exciting. I hope that you are excited about this as well. Please continue to pray for us and the finances to carry this out. Also, please tell all of your friends about this blog and our website

Looking forward to next week's update.
Rev. Teddy Levron

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